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T & C's


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modelling... The creation of raw meshes from customer supplied information.

This can take the form of pre-generated CAD data, photographic media, hand drawn sketches, even the real thing! If none of these are available our experienced digital artists can help develop your initial concept from scratch... more detail.

animation... The art of the moving image.

The addition of motion can be used to communicate messages, feelings, attitudes and atmospherics. Our team can take client concepts in a variety of forms and utilise their extensive experience to create the perfect animated solution... more detail.

AR-interactive... Augmented Reality applications, engaging the user to interact with knowledge, process, information and products.

When embarking on a new project we will work alongside the client's subject matter experts to analyse the exacting needs and ensure an appropriate use of technology is employed... more detail.

graphics... The deliberate use of composition and layout to create effective communication.

Whether you want to re-purpose meshes already created or generate new media for print and online solutions our digital team can supply the expertise needed to add that competitive edge... more detail.