Glass Engine

Glass Engine

Wooden Engine

Wooden Engine

Sunny Hill

sunny hill

Power Bike

Power Bike

3D modelling

We create highly accurate, technically correct models, textured to create impressive, provocative and eye-catching content for a variety of applications; often cases in which photography is unsuitable, not cost effective, or simply impossible.

The output can take multiple forms to offer the client a variety of illustration options.

We can, from the same asset, create cartoon style images, black and white line diagrams, vector based illustrations or the more popular photo-realistic renders.

Bloc Showreel

High Performance Engine

Internet of things

Industrial aviation


Utilising the latest post-production techniques, including audio and special effects, we can enhance the delivery of both animated and video content to target any specified audience.

We offer a wide range of animated solutions to provide our customers with the ability to portray any given subject or message.

What starts from a client's concept, will be taken though an animatic or drafting phase, and onto final production and delivery.

Hololens Turbine

VR Tool Demo

Target Driven AR

Trent 1000 AR

interactive applications

New or existing material can be re-purposed to create highly engaging content. Our innovative interactive solutions can be played stand-alone or as part of a more blended capability.

Bloc have combined their extensive knowledge in modelling, animation, training & presentation to create interactive product offerings with multi-use in mind.

HTML Training

Energy Savings Advisor

Fuel Efficiency Calculator

Product Discovery

web & app development

Everybody knows that first impressions count, for many it's that impression that sets them apart from their competitors. We deliver media rich content that compliments any e-learning or marketing requirement.

Bloc offers a HTML development service that extends our core delivery mechanisms, with engaging on & offline bespoke solutions.

Working with your subject matter experts we create engaging e-learning content as part of a blended approach to product familiarisation, simulation and procedural maintenance.

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